Data Center Ceiling Systems
Heavy Duty, Rod-Suspended Ceilings

Why do I need a drop ceiling in my data center?

  • Reduces the amount of cold aisle space that will require cooling
  • Can enhance control of ducted return air in the hot aisle
  • Helps maintain cleanliness inside the data center
  • Provides more pleasing aesthetics inside the data center
  • Provides security when ceiling panels are locked in place

What are the benefits of the Data Center ceiling system?

  • Serves the dual purpose of both drop ceiling and support grid for overhead cable distribution
  • Greater installation and routing flexibility of cable distribution systems
  • Totally accessible overhead suspension allows for simple distribution system expansion or upgrade
  • Reduces the amount of interstitial support steel by up to 50%
  • Eliminates the need for acoustical ceiling tile (ACT) drop ceilings
  • Provides an attachment or suspension platform for containment barriers, surface mounted light fixtures, or other utilities
  • Energy Conservation by reducing the amount of cold aisle space that will require cooling
  • Ceiling panel material options that are cleaner and permanent, including metal acoustical panels
  • Superior acoustical performance up to NRC of 1.00 depending on the panel selection
  • Optional non-ferrous suspension components eliminate zinc contamination and reduce radio frequency interference (RFI)