Architectural resins transform any space from ordinary to WOW!  Capturing light and color in illuminating ways, architectural resin empowers artistic expression and transforms space from inspiration through project completion with guidance and expertise from our resident experts.

Custom color for any size job at no extra cost. We will match anything from Pantone to a paint chip to a stain on your tie, and the amount of translucence is up to you as well.

Our superior craftsmanship makes it possible for you to dream big. Our motto is “YES.” Get our team of project developers on board early in your design process and let us share our years of experience and invention. We will fabricate your components and ship them with installation advice, confer with your on-site contractor and stick with the project through completion.

Any optically clear polymer can be used as a base for our resin products so you are not limited in your design. All products are made with safe industrial standards in practice.

We can help you choose the greenest polymers for your project, including polymers with recycled content, and we can recycle the finished components when the end of their design life has been reached. We have recycled more than 1,000,000 pounds (454 metric tons) of scrap back into useful products. All of the architectural resin products we offer are 100% recyclable.

Architectural resins make designing the luminous beauty of these products into high-traffic public spaces possible. The color and durability are there to stay. Casual wear may be touched up quickly with a 3M Scotch Bright® pad, and even serious damage by vandals is no problem. The surface is 100% renewable.


Industry standards for polymer sheet thickness are nominal values with a variation in thickness within a single sheet or across a casting or extrusion of multiple sheets all of the same “nominal” thickness. It is best to make sure that connection channels and mountings have room to allow for this quality.

Polymers expand and contract with heat, cold and moisture. Allow for this quality in your designs by incorporating reveals between panels and in your attachment methods, channels, frames, etc. We can specify the amount of space to allow for each polymer. 

Polymers are more flexible than glass and must be supported at closer intervals. Contact us to get deflection data specific to your project. 

Thermo forming: This is done by placing flat sheets in a heat controlled environment over a wooden form and heating the polymer till it relaxes into the shape of the form. The sheet must be cooled very slowly to retain the shape. A too rapidly cooled sheet will continue to tighten its radius over time.

Cold forming: As polymers are flexible, some materials may be safely forced into a curve by clamping the sheet along two sides. Each polymer has its own maximum safe bending radius per thickness. 

Mechanical fasteners—nuts and bolts, cables and standoffs—are all acceptable methods of installing polymers. Rubber washers and collars are useful to hold parts firm while allowing for expansion and contraction. Our architectural resin lines offer a full range of hardware both standard and custom to complete your design.

Polymers may be cut and assembled with adhesives and mechanical fasteners, heat formed and surfaced into many finished design elements. Our invisible seams for countertops and tables highlight the incredible depth and beauty of a completed design. Fabricated components, including display fixtures, lighting lenses, drop edges, integral sign graphics and etching, are all possibilities to create a unique and compelling component for your space.


  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Countertops
  • Tables
  • Fixtures
  • Signs
  • Accents


  • Interior
  • Exterior (some products)
  • Vertical
  • Holizontal


  • Transparent
  • Translucent
  • Opaque

Standard Designer Colors